"Coaching For Performance Excellence"

Coaching for Performance Excellence is an introduction to some new and innovative ways of approaching your art. It is for all performers wanting to achieve performance excellence. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or professional, this book will give you ways to enhance your performance.

Simone Niles

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What People Are Saying:

  • This book helped me with setting up goals (performance wise and in everyday life) and finally achieve them and also to find out why I sometimes didn't achieved what I was aiming for. Simone Niles' style of writing is entertaining, fun and easy to understand. The exercises are not complicated and I was able to make small changes and those made a hugh difference in my life. Love it. - Barbara Widmer

  • This book is wonderful and very helpful, it's not just for performers you can use it in every day life too. For me, the exercises that relieve anxiety have helped me massively and with this coaching I have become more confident and positive. Niles uses a tone within this book that's personal and easy to connect with It allows the reader to feel as if they are receiving a one on one life coaching session and this is what makes the book so successful and inspiring.
    Magda Fouad 

  • It is well put together, informative, resourceful, clear and concise and truly was a pleasure to read. The book also contains useful exercises and performance strategies for you to work on at home and helps give you goals to work towards. It also deals with personal obstacles, getting the most out of practise, creativity blocks and much more.
    Hamza Souful 

So What’s The Book About?

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Topics Include:

* Setting goals – explore your ideal performance and find out what you want to achieve.
* Obstacles – what stops you from achieving more and how to overcome these obstacles.
* Practise well – how to get the most out of your practice.
* Creativity and passion – work through creative blocks and rev up your passion.
* How to overcome performance anxiety
* Putting a plan in place for success and keeping yourself motivated.

About The Author


Simone Niles is a leading vocal and performance coach and an author on the specialty of performance enhancement. Originally hailing from the Caribbean, her musical background and influences include reggae, having sung with Eddie Grant and Third World, as well as soul and jazz. Simone has performed in The Royal Albert Hall and Barbican (London) to name a few, as well as the famous 'House of Blues' (Sunset Strip, Los Angeles). She has collaborated with a host of artists and DJs including Jeremy Healy and Alex Paterson.
She has vast experience of working with artists, and creating new work with budding and experienced musicians and singers through improvisation, lyric writing and song writing. She has led a number of large-scale vocal ensembles and has done so throughout the UK including Sense of Sound's Friday Late at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Olympic Torch project at the Southbank Centre.
Simone is currently the Musical Director of London Institute Vocal Ensemble at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.
Simone is also the founder of Success In Motion, a unique company set up to help empower people to achieve their personal goals and to have a fulfilling and meaningful life doing what they love. She is an expert transformational coach who specialises in coaching individuals who want to become thriving entrepreneurs.

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